Friday, February 29, 2008

good friends/new searches

Our visit with the mountain folks went great! Of course, these were the last of our friends to know about Olaf. We've wanted to tell people face to face as much as we could. This was interesting to say the least due to Katt's actually SHOWING now!! It was fun, we had a great time, and all of them said they couldn't wait to see Olaf bike riding with them! Olaf could do much worse than having these folks as role models.

Searching for this, that, and everything in between. I picked up a list the other day from Babies R Us...AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a list that parents need...I was tired after reading through it.

Now it's off to search for day care places. Visit, interview, visit, interview...we are interviewing who is going to be taking care of Olaf in the future--the most important interviews we will EVER do. I can hear it now, "Olaf, did your dad forget to pack your lunch?"
(but I did send the caber)

Life at 21 weeks...over half way there.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Little Olaf!

Things are going well with Olaf. 20 weeks as of this coming Sunday! He or she seems to be growing at a steady pace. So is mom! Pants shopping, a couple more tops, and anything for support for her "girls." I am keeping my end of the bargain...I'm gaining sympathy weight (probably more due to the lack of biking this time of year), but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My last living grandparent (Grandma Lefler) had an emergency heart surgery this past week. She is 85, and holding on strong. Selfishly, we hope she is around a few years longer so that Olaf can meet a great grandparent. Katt's Grannies are still with us, and although one will be 99 this summer, they both are doing well. Olaf will meet them in the next couple of years. So we hope Grandma Lefler can pull out of this one. Keep your fingers crossed and prayers flying for her!

Oh, and Carolina is back in a tie for first place this week--good stuff all the way around...UNC Cycling team won their first race of the year this past weekend!! They are really excited!

Off to Beech Mountain we go, to visit some good friends.

Friday, February 15, 2008

OH NO!! (Olaf's hand is WRONG)

Butterflies...that is the feeling that Katt has described for me. Growing up, playing all kinds of sports, and being nervous getting that feeling of "butterflies," I SOMEWHAT know what she means. But it will never come close to the real thing!!!

Our latest checkup yesterday went very well. At 19 weeks, everything is growing normally--spine, facial structure, arms, legs, etc. There was only one problem, we think we saw Olaf doing the "Wolkpack" finger sign thingie!! Problems already, and we're not even out of the womb yet...oh well...the allegiance teachings will begin soon. Go Heels!!

We hope everyone is doing alright. Mom and Pop are coming in this weekend to help us move some furniture around...getting ready for Olaf! Gotta paint the room Carolina Blue!! Cycling season starts this coming weekend. Good luck to the team!

Be safe...

Friday, February 8, 2008

There can be only one...

Yep, Dook beat my Heels...oh, and Katt's nausea is truly gone, having been replaced with little tugs and pulls. Gotta stretch out those little muscles, ligaments and such!! 18 weeks as of Sunday the 10th.

The "quickening" has begun! No I don't mean that Connor MacLeod just beat the Kurgan...She is starting to feel a little movement from little Olaf! Until we know what the sex will be, we shall call the baby, Olaf...from King Olaf the Woodcutter, from Denmark. My family Curran, we have traced back to King Olaf, so Olaf it is. My mom LOVES the idea. ;-)

This week coming, we have our first baby class, of course, on Valentine's Day. Can't think of a better way than to spend Valentine's than with my lovely wife, listening to someone, lecturing, start off with, "this is a baby..."

Safe week to all!

Pint of Guinness anyone?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Movement...on offense!

The big news...Carolina plays Duke next week!! ;-)
Well, and the fact that Katt is 17 weeks along as of this coming Sunday. Nausea has past! Although now the GROWING process has started! She had to go out and get some new clothes yesterday! She's gonna be one good lookin' pregnant lady!!!!!!!
OH, and
WE FELT the baby MOVING LAST NIGHT!! That was awesome. I had my hand on Katt's stomach, just as I was falling to sleep, and felt something. So I had to ask..."is your stomach growling, are you hungry?" She said no...I waited a few seconds more, felt something else, and asked Katt to put her hand where mine was...she looked at me, smiled, and we both knew.
It's really happening (maybe the baby is doing workouts already).

For those traveling, be safe...