Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving approaches, and he likes his bath!

As we come closer to Thanksgiving, I can't help but state how lucky I am to have such a good son. We have been blessed, surely.

Below, Charlie is already looking in the rugby mag, trying to make his list for Santa...

Katt spoon feeds the lad for the first time. He seemed to take to it pretty easily. Imagine that, he likes food...he is a Lefler.

I give Thanks growing boy, and one lovely lady.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Monday, November 10, 2008

what a weekend, and week so far!!

Above Christy, Katt, and Charlie have fun at the Alumni Ctr before the game against G Tech Saturday!

Before we went to the game, Charlie shows us how happy he is to wear the "blue."

Above, Papa Clyde Davis shows Charlie how to nonchalantly impress first class ladies!

Every day it seems that little Charlie is doin' something that is a FIRST!!

First time playing with a toy that he MEANT to hit, and make it play its song!
First time he gave this HUGE belly laugh, like he'd been listening to his mom explain football ;-)
First time hearing music and he ALMOST looked like he wanted to dance!

His list will grow for sure, but so many things have happened this week it makes us keep looking for the next first event...

Have a safe week!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

happy boy

I couldn't help it, it's just a nice picture. He's got his mom's cheekbones, nose, and chin for sure...

Monday, November 3, 2008

going the to moun-tains

We had a wedding to go to last weekend. Some friends, Anna and Jon, who we bike with sometimes were getting married near Hickory. It was Charlie's first wedding and it couldn't have been with more deserving folks.

We stayed with some other friends who are some great people. Here is Rick and Karen with Charlie. Charlie is teaching them how to use his toys...

These are their girls, Meghan and Ashley. Ashley has ridden the CNC by herself MORE THAN ONCE!! She, and her sister, are courageous young girls, and they have their parents to thank for that.

Charlie is ready for cold weather!! He just wishes, like many of us, that the weather would stay one way or the other!! It's just confusing what to wear!!!!

Charlie LOVES Grandpa...somewhere soft to sit. ;-)

Here is my cousin Courtney with Charlie, and I am holding Maggie, her daughter. Which one is heavier? Tough call...Maggie is 4 months older than "little" Charlie, by the way.

it's been 3 weeks!!

BUT, I wanted to wait til I had Charlie's halloween outfit.
Remember Olaf?

Yep, Katt made little Olaf's garb, as well as mine!

She is taking orders for next year, by the way... (yes he is holding a fake ax)

So, King Olaf of Sweden was a real person. We have traced our lineage on my Grandma Curran's side to him. There were actually two Olafs who were king, one, then his grandson. After the first Olaf was basically thrown out of the land, he cleared some of the land he fled to, and called it "Vermeland" and named himself king. Since he cleared the land, he was then called "Olaf the Woodcutter" as he was laughed at by the Swedes. The second Olaf "the Humble" laughed later as he took control of Sweden again!

So, there we vikings this year! It was fun, and I am sure we will make a reprise again, when Charlie can better appreciate being a viking!!!