Sunday, March 28, 2010


Katt and I needed a kickstart, and this was it! What a great, much needed trip for us to recharge our batteries. At Battery Park no less (ha).

Easter Egg hunt...the first Pagan holiday!

About 30 kids showed up for a beautiful Saturday neighborhood Easter egg hunt. It was awesome, as the kids ran around, hunted eggs, and played and the parents had adult bevvies and enjoyed a great day. As you can see, Charlie got his first blue food coloring thingy...oh well.

yes...over the last month!!

Wow. lots of things have happened. Katt has gone back to working, but she can surely tell she hasn't been on her feet for hours on end, in a long time. But she will get her stamina and strength back for sure.

Charlie however...hmmm, what CAN'T he do!! He surprises us every day it seems. He is starting to say thank you when you give him things, or hold the door open, truly amazing stuff! Also, he says his ABC's. Maybe not knowing what they mean, but he says 'em! He tries to do pull ups to, with mama spotting him...

We are trying to teach him to chew his food for 10 seconds, but to no avail just yet...he just shovels it in. Though he can count to 10, and he rejoices in that fact, he still wants more food...

Did I mention he runs? And runs, and runs...glad my joints are still pretty respectable, because I do set chase once in a while. His mama is teaching him how to run in wellies, for when he goes back to Ireland. I guess she has a point!

Oh, he plays well with others, though he likes to set back and take it all in most times. Must be like his dad on that one. These two are 3 that I took of him at the end of his first Easter Egg hunt. The rest of the kids have either gone home, or they are out in the cul de sac, running around...and there sits my boy.

He sings! LOTS! Especially the songs from cartoon "Wonder Pets". And for me, honestly, I can't thing of another song I'd like him to learn. He was walking around the house two weeks ago singing "team-work, team-work..." pretty awesome if you ask me. Dean Smith would be proud.

And of course, the last month would not be complete without his first St Patrick's Day parade. "Firetruck! Ambulance! Police Car!" Then we got to the parade (hahahahahah). "Horses! Dancin'! Motorcycles!" He just kept yelling for them as he saw them. It was a treat for his folks.

Needless to say, he is growing up. We are trying not to let it happen too fast...but it's better than anything else I've ever witnessed.

With love to all of you...