Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays and then some

From being in the front, to...
The back, in just 3 months!

"I know you..."

Here he is drawing with Granda Bonner.

Happy to have lived through 2009, and then some!

It has been a long year. Fortunately, Katt's chemo treatments are over. However, radiation awaits her in the new year. Through it all, she has been courageous, outstandingly resilient, and approaching things with grace, the way she always does.

Charlie has been her driving force, keeping her motivated to battle on. He has grown immensely, physically and mentally...just I can't believe how FAST! Doing so many new things each week, sometimes, we don't seem to keep up. But onward he goes and grows.

Thanks to each of you for your kind thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement. We can only extend the same offer of courtesy and compassion each of you have shown us. Thanks for everything, and may your 2010 be as brilliant as it can get!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

charlie just said....

As he looked at me, he said, in a uh-oh voice..."Poop." Sure enough, time to change the diaper!
Awesome. He is a sponge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch out world. He can tell us when he's pooped.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

one more to go

Katt had her treatment this past Wed. AND a CT scan just to see where the tumor is...and guess what...NO TUMOR!! Just scar tissue. We couldn't have been more happy!!

Now there is just one more treatment to go. And MAYBE some radiation. We speak with radiologists next week to determine what to do next, if there is anything left to do.

Charlie's vocab is growing leaps and bounds. He has become a sponge, repeating everything we say...yes everything! So watch what you say around him!! But he is growing up so fast. We werer looking at video and pictures from last year...wow, I can say last year. I can't believe its his second Christmas. This one he will remember!

Have fun with the Holidays, and remember to be kind to a stranger...someone is always looking.