Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday in the Mountains

It was Katt's 29th birthday again, so we treated ourselves to a visit with friends up on Beech Mtn. It was tremendous weather, and we were able to hike to nearby Elk River Falls. Off the beaten path, these falls aren't near any of the other ones, but it was a nice semi-hike and the sound of the crushing water below was breathtaking. Charlie seemed to enjoy himself as well!

Little man was packed up in a hike-pack that our good friend Rick gave us to use with the lad. Really, he LOVED it! More hikes are in the near future.

These are Charlie's girlfriends from near Hickory. Meghan with the ball cap on, and Ashley is the older sister of the two. Charlie was on his best behavior with them around...go figure.
Good times with good friends. What else can a birthday have?? To my lovely wife,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We hope everyone had a blast, as Charlie had a great was the first day that his mom had seen him crawl!! He had gone a couple of feet once or twice before, but today was the day!! He officially started crawling!

Grandma likes to see he is starting to be more musical!

This is his first love, Miss Safi at daycare...he's a sucker for a pretty face already.

Just the boys in our jerseys. Oh, by the way, the Irish Rugby team is on the verge of sweeping the 6 Nations tournament...we'll see how it goes against Wales on Saturday.

Post feeding of the animals, er uh, babies.

Hope all of you had a great day yesterday.

Monday, March 16, 2009

fitness meets the Charlie blog

Below is my great Aunt Blanche, my grandma Hazel's sister. She is 92, and still sharp as a tack, and just as feisty. Since my Grandma can't be here to join in the CHarlie adventure, her sister, and brother Rayvon, who was there is as well, will just have to help teach Charlie the Curran way.
Oh, did I mention 92? Yep, that's her underneath the kitchen table, putting in the leaf to accommodate for the guests...she certainly doesn't think she's 92. Maybe that's what fitness is all about?

sweet emotion

Charlie is beginning to show lots of emotions, from temper, to this fake shy thing he does. Becoming more and more like a little boy. It's hard for us to take a step back and just watch what he does, but we try. Watching him learn motor skills, for me, is like watching someone learn how to climb a tree again. This is gonna be fun!

"What kind of walking stick is this?

"What do you mean we can't play out in the rain?"

"Change the channel, the Heels are losing."
and after a long weekend visiting with family...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Our last snow of the year, and he wanted to leave his mark...

Yes he likes his bottle!

No, not for Charlie, but our good friend Donna. She's 39 this year (again). ;-)
Charlie had a good time with her even though it wasn't quite her birthday yet. Though, it was such a good time, that all of us (Katt, me, Donna, Michele, and Charlie) were all sick this week!!

I've never longed for Spring as I do this year. This weekend it will be in the 70's, and the WINDOWS WILL BE OPEN!!!!

Slainte, to our good friend Donna and her birthday...may there be many more.