Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays and then some

From being in the front, to...
The back, in just 3 months!

"I know you..."

Here he is drawing with Granda Bonner.

Happy to have lived through 2009, and then some!

It has been a long year. Fortunately, Katt's chemo treatments are over. However, radiation awaits her in the new year. Through it all, she has been courageous, outstandingly resilient, and approaching things with grace, the way she always does.

Charlie has been her driving force, keeping her motivated to battle on. He has grown immensely, physically and mentally...just I can't believe how FAST! Doing so many new things each week, sometimes, we don't seem to keep up. But onward he goes and grows.

Thanks to each of you for your kind thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement. We can only extend the same offer of courtesy and compassion each of you have shown us. Thanks for everything, and may your 2010 be as brilliant as it can get!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

charlie just said....

As he looked at me, he said, in a uh-oh voice..."Poop." Sure enough, time to change the diaper!
Awesome. He is a sponge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch out world. He can tell us when he's pooped.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

one more to go

Katt had her treatment this past Wed. AND a CT scan just to see where the tumor is...and guess what...NO TUMOR!! Just scar tissue. We couldn't have been more happy!!

Now there is just one more treatment to go. And MAYBE some radiation. We speak with radiologists next week to determine what to do next, if there is anything left to do.

Charlie's vocab is growing leaps and bounds. He has become a sponge, repeating everything we say...yes everything! So watch what you say around him!! But he is growing up so fast. We werer looking at video and pictures from last year...wow, I can say last year. I can't believe its his second Christmas. This one he will remember!

Have fun with the Holidays, and remember to be kind to a stranger...someone is always looking.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

waving to friends and family!

Hello from the Duke game!!!!


a dook fan lost a bet...

Katt's 9th treatment today

Here are some "bob the builder" inspired pics...he's a natural!

The space invaders still are doing their magic. So far, the trend is that the cancer symptoms are going away, but the chemo side effects are coming full tilt. I guess that is a trade we will make right now.

On to OTHER positive things. The boy is unstoppable. Let's see, he says "a, b ,c"; "grandma"; "paw paw"; he runs to me when I come through the door at night after work (I love that); he can count to 5 (sort of); he says "bath"; and when it's time for bed, all you have to do is say nite-nite to him, and he looks for mom to kiss good nite...now that is priceless!

Katt's sister Aisling and her hubby Conor are coming over this Friday and staying next week. We can't wait to have family over. It helps Katt look past the bad weeks, kind of like when I look past UNC losing a game in the 4th quarter...well not quite like that........

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Katt's 8th treatment

Just had to put this one up...stroller parking...a first time fo rme to see that one!

"I sure am hungry..."

Grandpaw reads to the boy...he does love his books!

Went ok today. Katt said that she knew this one would be hard when she woke up this morning. Just something about the way she felt tired, sore, already before she went in. But, good thing is that she is doing ok, and the treatments are working, and Charlie is doing great! So far, no flu, nor bad sickness (knock on wood).

We hope ya'll are good. Sorry this is a short one, but I am tired tonight. Time to prop up the legs.

Charlie has had some firsts: he now walks himself to the crib when it's bedtime. He knows how to say 'cheers'. And he also can give a kiss like nobody's business!

Love to all.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

nice, just plain nice.

That's how it felt yesterday. If I use any more word than 'nice' it just wouldn't be enough. The doc showed us two scans, the one in May, and the one this past Tuesday. Talk about a world of difference. The tumor in the lung is almost gone, and the lymphoma cancer is getting knocked out as well. Nice.

How has everyone of our family and friends been to us? Nice.
How does it feel to know that Katt WILL get better, and have her life back? Nice.
We know that Charlie has kept us going in times that we just felt tired...but how does it feel to know we have a great baby? Nice.

Nice. Any other adjective, just wouldn't give the feelings we have the proper justice.

Love to all.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pictures from the homeland

Charlie and Granda feed the cows!

Charlie meets his namesake.

We don't know what he is pointing to, but he is making sure we know it! Nice wellies huh?

The island of Arranmore...breathtaking, but wouldn't want to try to moor there...WINDY!!

Charlie blows Granny Bonner a kiss. She thought he was a handsome wee man, named for her husband...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's been too long...

Between posts...I know. But boy have we had a lot going on!

A trip to Ireland, which was great, but a whirlwind. It always is when we visit the Bonner clan. So much to do, in so little time. And we gave ourselves MORE time than ever!! Everyone there is doing great, and of course, Charlie was the big hit...of the wedding, the sheep, the cows, the beach, the retirement party. PHEWWW! What a trip.

Pictures will be up soon!

On to Katt.
She had her 6th treatment yesterday. Some good, some bad. It seems that some of the symptoms that first made her seek out a doctor are coming back. Not all, but enough for the doc to say time for another PET scan to see what is going on with the tumor, and the cancer itself.

Her legs are hurting more, her hair is coming out, and the energy is starting to fade. Chemo is not easy. But, she is still at peace with what is happening, there may just have to be another way to fight it. We will see when the PET scan is done in about 10 days from now.

More later.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

one more before we go

On the way to the game. Sun was bright...

Charlie points up to the bird above the stadium.

Now he is looking for the big ram mascot.

Charlie and Davis having fun tailgating!

Charlie overwhelmed by the crowds!

Katt's coming up on almost half-way point with her treatments. Number 5 is coming up this Wed. and we leave for Ireland next Monday. We are counting on the white blood cells to be up, her treatment to go like it has the 4 previous times, and we will be off to the motherland.

We've been doing a lot recently, as Charlie past the 14month threshold this past week. In case I didn't post them, his measurements of the first year are good. 60% weight, 75% height, and 90% head...big headed boy he is.

We also yesterday attended Carolina's first home game. Had a blast as always, tailgating with good friends and family.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Treatment day

We'll see how today goes. If the WBC's are up enough to have treatment, it's full-go. I will post later to let you all know how things went.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

White Blood Cells

Well, first hiccup in treatment. Katt ran into some issues with a little stomach problem, feeling ill the last two days. Unfortunately, her white blood cell count was too low to do a chemo treatment today. The big problem is that this may put a figurative wrench into our Ireland trip schedule. We will see on Friday, when she goes back to check again.

Fingers crossed, prayers tossed, positive thoughts...etc.

Be safe everyone.

"Was I speeding?"

At the Dog, one of our old haunts when we lived in Chapel Hill.

Climbing, one of his new past times, onto his favorite chair!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Uncle Niall is back to Ireland

Katt and I have had the best time with her youngest brother Niall. As Katt said, he was all of 13 when she left home to move to America, which meant she didn't know her brother very well. I have to say it's come full circle. She knows him well now. As do I, and let's just say I would trust Charlie in his hands whole heartedly. A good guy, even changes diapers (hint hint to other males out there), and has the right amount of craic (look it up) mixed with concern and care.

What takes the sting out of him leaving, is that we will see him, and all the Bonner family in a month's time...and we can't wait to take Charlie to his Irish roots.

Here's to all the help you gave us, Uncle Niall! Cheers!

Goin' walkabout with Charlie!

The 3 stooges...or my brother Jeremy, Niall, and me, in front of Biltmore.

Two sly grins on these lads, wouldn't you say?

Splashin away!!

It's 99 here in NC today. Think we will be staying in and looking at picture.
Take care all!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hi all.
Today is Tuesday, and we are getting ready for another Chemo treatment for Katt tomorrow. It's a bit unnerving, as she also has decided to have a port surgically put in. Yep, yet another surgery for her. For many others , it would try their patience, their fortitude...but for Katt, the only consideration, or 'con' to not have it done, was that she has to recover from it, which means not holding the boy for a while. Devastating to say the least, but it's either that, or endure burning pain with every treatment until December.

Her brother Niall is still here, and being a great brother, uncle, and brother-in-law. We will miss him when he leaves this weekend. I think he's gotten used to North Carolina...even the HEAT!

Wish Katt luck and we'll be back in a few days. (This is her several years ago in Beaufort--one of my favorite pictures of her.)

Welcome shoppers!

He likes to try to bark like a dog now. Instead of a 'ruff' it's more like 'ooomph!'

Here he is in front of the classroom in daycare/school. He's learning lots! How to sign, how to wash his hands, how to play nicely (we hope)...this place is great and the teachers there are awesome! Miss Lucy has a spot for everything and it's clean to a T!

These are my 5 Fingers shoes! After watching the boy learn how to walk, and is still using his legs and feet to grab things, I read the book "Born to Run" which is astounding. Reminded me of why I train others...we as humans are meant to do more than what we do, to accomplish more than we do, both with our mind and body. These shoes let me use my feet more than any other shoe. Take that arch support!!

Good night.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Katt's cruisin'!

That was me in 2006 Booty Ride...

Here were friends Gil and his son Henry, helping Katt cheer on the Booty riders a couple years ago.

Just an item of note to update all with my lovely wife Katt. She had her second round of chemo last week, and things are going alright this time around. There are waves of fatigue, pain, stomach upset, and mouth soreness, but overall she's not bed ridden. Actually, we were able to take an impromptu trip to Asheville this past weekend. Thurs night we just decided to go.

On the way we stopped off in Charlotte at the "24 hours of Booty" event...the only official 24 cycling event for the Lance Armstrong foundation. Friends of ours there were "krankin' for Katt" were there riding for those who couldn't ride...my wife being one. It was fun, and Katt and I have had fun in the past riding it. We have promised each other that it is one ride we will do every year we can.

I'll have more pics up later, but here is one for now. Heading down that lonesome road Hwy 12...

(yes we normally wear our helmets, but this was less than a mile on the road ;-) )

Love to all!

Friday, July 17, 2009

More pictures from recent events...

The boy just keeps going and going. He had his first 'fit' the other day at the park, when he didn't want to get off the swing...he was enjoying it, to say the least!

Below he is playing int he sand with a godson, Peyton...wh thankfully didn't teach Charlie how to pee at the beach in front of everyone!

Holding Charlie is David West. I've seen him the last 3 off seasons train hard enough to get better each 3 seasons. He helped New Orleans get into the playoffs by taking some heat off of Chris Paul.

His first wagon!!

Katt is doing well. Yesterday she had her best day yet after her first chemo treatment. Seond treatment is next Wed.

Oh, and her brother Niall is in Key West...making stories to tell his lads back in Ireland!