Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Refresh, recover, renew...diligence

Our last beach trip was at mile marker week 29. Can't believe we are this close to delivering a new life. This "babymoon" as I have heard it called, was wonderful. A ferry ride from Fort Macon to Southpoint--to eat at one of our favorite places, Yacht Basin Provision Company--for some conch fritters, crab cake and tuna sandwiches. A drive into water front Wilmington for a stop off at the George, to eat and eat and eat.

A great time for me and my lovely mom-to-be. Our last weekend away before things get turned on their heads (well we hope the baby doesn't it up on it's head).

Diligence...yet another term that describes my lovely lady.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More speculation about baby chef...

Heading into the 3rd trimester now after reaching 27 weeks last Sunday, Katt is starting to get that tired feeling. Tired of being uncomfortable, tired of not being able to do what she is normally capable of, tired of being tired...but all is like it is supposed to be.

More guesses from friends:
Eddie: boy/July 15/8 lb 9 oz/1 am................he wants to see Katt suffer ;-)
Lisa: girl/July 21st/7 lb 5 oz/5:02 am
Catherine: boy/July 20th/8 lb 1 oz/4:30 pm
Brett: boy/July 11th/6 lb 9 oz/7 pm
Richard: girl/July 1st/6 lb 1 oz/10 am
Gil: boy/July 18th/7 lb 1 oz/6:30 am
Karen: girl/July 6th/8 lb 6 oz/6:01 am
Rick: boy/July 10th/9 lb 12 oz/9:15pm..............he REALLY wants to see Katt suffer (ouch)
Lee: boy/July 21st/7 lb 2 oz/8pm

More later as they come in!

Monday, April 14, 2008

missing my pregnant wife!

-First picture is post ride in the hills around Granite Falls and the Brushy Mountains.
-Second pic shows the ominous clouds we were waiting to go away before we started!
-Third pic shows a contest as to who really is pregnant (your guess as to who is winning). Also notice the knome between Katt and Rick.

Pictures show the fun...but I missed my wife--as she didn't make the trip with me--and I missed holding Olaf at night before I fell asleep. HOWEVER. We have more guesses for the birth of Olaf (in the next post). The Ski Patrol want naming rights for the winner. Hmm...I didn't have gusto to tell them Hell hath no fury like a mad Irish woman, pregnant, with a temper, and hormones flying, and, and, and... You get the picture.

Great rides, great times, and great people. You always know it's a great time when everyone is leaving saying "when are we riding together again!" (Must have been that last 5 miles or so where we were F-L-Y-I-N-G.) In our line, going anywhere from 25-30. I don't really know for sure, I only looked down reading was 27, another was 30). Maybe next time I'll see more of Granite Falls!!!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm late for April Fool's Day. (I was just honoring Uncle Ken.)
No twins, just one kicking little tike.