Monday, March 31, 2008

Ferries (ghosts) and leprachauns everywhere!

These pictures are of some of Grandad Bonner's land in Ireland, a lake area called La Nachreah. This is a place where he goes to hear the "voices from the past" and make decisions on life. Katt calls it a beautiful place, but when the fog rolls in it can get scary for sure (chills on you arm yet?) Look close in the second picture and you'll see Pop Lefler surveying the land...

25 weeks as of yesterday! Wow, this is going by fast. At least the crib is set up already! White crib in a Carolina Blue room. BTW, GO HEELS!! Final Four bound.

It's guess time. While most people were making their picks for the NCAA brackets, we were taking picks for when the baby will come, and it's vitals. Here are a few examples:
Aisling: Girl/7.1 lb/July 20/4pm
Aunt Karen: Boy/6 lb 14 oz/July 12/4:20am
Grandma Lefler: Girl/7 lb/July 16/8am
Dale: Girl/6 lb 10 oz/July 11/7:25pm
Judy: Girl/7 lb 3 oz/July 17/10:06pm
Neily: Boy/6 lb/July 8/3am
Kate: Boy/6 lb 3 oz/July 10/3:22am
Uncle Ronnie: Girl/7lb 13 oz/July 21/3am
Chad: Boy/6lb 4 oz/July 4/8pm
Katt: dreams show either boy or girl/dreams show from 6 lb to 8 lb, give or take/dreams show being late or early/sometime when she isn't ready

Yep, can't out guess mom-to-be!!

Have fun, and if you wan to send us your guess, send it along! Remember, the due date is July 13th...

So far so problems, just some more kicking and moving!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Olaf's first pig pickin

Well, we think it went well! As the Heels were on their way to winning the ACC tournament, I was chopping up 10 shoulders of pig. Great food, great friends, great atmosphere (even the downpour).


Friday, March 14, 2008

no news is good news!

Well, sort of. Latest update for coming up on week 23, OLAF is gaining weight!! He or she can't have as many carbs over the next few weeks...unless there is a tour de (place a location here) coming up!! Doc says things are going according to plan, whatever that means for pregnancy!

St Patricks is coming up. No not "Paddy's" or St Paddy's" or anything else you might want to say here in the US. In IRL, it is St. Patrick's...and no swilling of green beer. GUINNESS!

Cheers, or Slainte.
Have fun, stay safe, and be IRISH--my wife is, and I love her to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

almost 22 weeks!!

The baby bump gets bigger! As does our anticipation for the birth of Olaf (or Olafeena)!! Trying to get everything ready is such a big task, that I'm sure will seem small the first time we call the baby Doc for a rash, or small bump, or fever, or...............

I know what will keep us going...a pig pickin'!! That'll do it. Fortunately, St Patrick's Day is coming up. And from what I understand, this year, in Ireland the official celebration will take place on the 15th instead of the 17th. Something about bank holidays appearing too close together (early Easter). SO, we will see what we can accomplish for ole St Patrick this year.

Big game this weekend. UNC v Dook. First time the title is on the line in a while (91 maybe?)
I hope Olaf can stay up to watch it...these 9 o'clock games are even past MY bedtime these days!
(check out the look on these Mich St players last year--scared much???) POY=Tyler.