Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ocracoke and the Beach.

Above on Ocracoke with Margaret, Adam, Lucy, and his parents.

Below at the beach with my folks...

We had a blast in both places!!

It's coming up on a year

(That's Charlie's first pull up)

A year tomorrow, since Katt was at Duke waiting for a possible lung surgery. One that didn't happen, because she was diagnosed with something that only 8000 people get each year. Yep, Hodgkin's is that rare.

After chemo and radiation, she is 6 months out and going in for her official first scan in a couple of weeks, to see if all is well. We think so, as she feels ok, and she is slowly building up her mileage to do the Booty Ride this year at the end of July. 50 miles is her goal, and I have no doubt she will make it! She is stubborn, and Irish.

Charlie...now that's a subject! "what's that dada?" over, and over, and over...
And the imagination.
And the running.
And the talking.
And the laugh, wow he has a great laugh.
And the running. Oh, I mentioned that.
He is growing up, ever so fast. He gets miffed when he looks at someone, smiles, and says hello, but they don't respond. I can see it in his look, he is thinking "how rude..."

He is great, I am great, Katt is doing great. We just can't wait for Charlie's 2nd birthday.

This is me and the boy at Pisgah Covered Bridge. One of the few left in the country, and it's just on the northern side of the Uhwarries.

After a training ride with my lovely wife...go get 'em baby!

Below are pictures from my folk's 45th anniversary SURPRISE party. Did I mention surprise!?! We got 'em! They had no clue. Hopefully they have a clue as to how much they are looked up to.

good year so far! Let's hope we all can keep it up!