Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the first days back back!
She has finally started to feel better from the side effects of the treatment. A long time coming, this week has been marked with a change, a change back to feeling like she is ready to move on.

This past week, she has had her first workout and her first full day's work. More than that, there is a bounce in her step that hasn't been for quite a while. Not to say she didn't handle her illness and treatments well, you all know her ;-). But now there is that feeling of having least for now. Of course you never fully win, until remission has lasted 5 years. What a day that will be I can tell you!

Until then, Katt, Charlie, and I will keep on keepin' on.

Love to all.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

much to report

First, Katt's progress:
With her last dose of radiation behind her, she and I thought that she was home-free. Unfortunately, what was unclear to us was the amount of side-effect that was yet to come. With pain in the areas radiated, sore skin, a sore throat, and fatigue, she also caught a head cold that turned into an upper respiratory infection...I mean really. What next, right? Well, take that sore throat you get and factor that by at least 10...and a lost voice is what you get.

Yep, Katt lost her voice for about 10 days. She started to get it back two days ago. AND is beginning to feel better! FINALLY! The corner is turned. Beginning to think about her business and working again, my wonderful wife is getting better.

During this journey, Charlie has had his first haircut, he is in the 'big boy' bed, he turned the knob and opened the door to the pantry to get his food he wanted, he strings sentences together now, and daycare bumped him into the toddler room...boy how things change FAST!!

Katt has surely been a part of the first two years of Charlie's life. But they weren't healthy years for her. She can't wait to be pain free for the first time in his life. He doesn't realize how lucky he his, yet. He will know that the amazing care she gave him was with the proverbial one leg and one arm tied behind her back. Now she will be out world!

Love to all,
Charlie's dada, and Katt's hubby.

Static cling...or was it the light socket?

After the snow, CB still likes the 'digger!'

What to do when it's cold and snow outside? WII!! (Thanks Susan).

Ready for camping!

Ready to take on the world!!