Thursday, May 28, 2009

Charlie takes a back seat this week

Everyone knows this as the "Charlie" blog. However, this week he is tacking a back seat to his Mom. This week is our 5 year anniversary. And a glorious 5 it has been. I never knew how much more I could love my life, until I met Kathleen.

This year's trip was to Chimney Rock. A wonder of nature at Hickory Nut Gorge. After years of carving out this rock, the Broad River has given North Carolina a beautiful sight...just ask the makers of "Last of the Mohicans" among other films.

This was a much needed trip, as Katt has been under the weather now for some time. And we have figured out why...she has a tumor in her lung that needs to come out. We still don't know whether it is cancerous or not, but most signs are pointing to the 'not' camp.

Chimney Rock was a refuge for this mentally tired couple. For Katt, it was a break from a physical tiredness as well. Hopes are high, and the battle is not won, but we are fighting there is much left to do. Enjoying life is one of them!!

Us at the top of the Chimney.

Me in the blue shirt, at the bottom of the falls.

A shot of the Chimney (and the house) from our B & B.

An Irish woman under the American Flag, on Memorial weekend...can't beat it!

A view of the Gorge from the Chimney.

Love to all.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

From our family to yours...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Charlie gave his Mom and Grandma a good one for sure. He even helped out in the kitchen!

Love to all...

the boy can do it all!!

If he is not outside, he wants to go!! Maybe he'll be a camper like his mom and dad...or just like to be outdoors when possible. Either way, that's a good sign for me and Katt!

He even likes to help Grandpa with the yard work...

And sit back with a refreshing bottle afterward...

And a clean bath after the hard day is done.

He has a full slate of new sounds as well. From a happy scream, or yelp, to a clicking of the tongue, to something like a "bye." He is starting to mimick sounds as well, so mom will have to start watching what she says around him!!!! ;-)