Thursday, October 16, 2008

UNC vs ND--for those that miss Kenan

At the top is BMFD, getting the players ready to go.
Third video is the--what I call--the "D-Line Pump Up Shuffle." At least once before every game, Marvin Austin dance a bit, and gets all the DLine pumped up and ready to go.
At bottom, Charlie is looking to see who is seated behind us for the ND game!

Fun day to be at Kenan...just ask Draughn!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Bonner visit '08

Granda and mom hang out with Charlie on the back deck.
My favorite picture of the Bonner family...all looking at Charlie!

Of course, a trip to the states wouldn't be complete without a snake "Barbara".

Thomas meets Finn McCool...the Irish version of Paul Bunyan.

Thomas is a natural! He came in first on the track! Uncle Niall, watch out!!!!!!

Was a great visit, and a short one surely. We wish they could have stayed longer, but we all had a good time with each other and we were sad to see them fly off back to Ireland.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baptism by fire??

Above are the Bonner family, with Barbara and nephew Thomas, flanked by Neilly on the left of Katt.
The Leflers mom Judy, and my pop Dale on Katt's left.

The Baptism!
Of course, everyone knows that your child can be in great spirits, UNTIL HE HITS THE ALTER!

Yep, Charlie was laughing and cooing, and having a wonderful time. Then we put on his great looking cardigan, and it all went to hell in a handbasket--so to speak. He got hot, and my boy doesn't like to be hot. So a-screaming he went...but that's ok, mom settled him down, and we all got through well enough without tripping on anything.

He looked great, as did mom. Mom is doing better since her surgery (she wouldn't let me post any pictures on here). And Charlie is doing great as well! We can't stop him from eating--now I know how my parents felt about me!!!!!!

Katt's folks are in town, and we have one more night for them to spend with us before they leave to go back to Donegal. More pictures of them later...