Thursday, April 30, 2009

random scenes

At one of our favorite haunts, though we had not been in a long time. Charlie was in great form, wooing the wait staff!

Our good friends Brad and Christy from High Point stopped by for a visit. I'm not sure what kind of influence Brad had, but Charlie was enthralled with him the whole weekend. I think it was because Brad let him drive for the first time!!!

Later on, we all wanted to watch a movie, and the lad said he would like to pick one...
...or two, or three, or four.

Charlie has been MOVING! He is almost unstoppable, that is until the wall blocks his path. Otherwise, he'd be nonstop. He has learned how to push things, and pull things (furniture) to get it OUT OF HIS WAY! More video is on the way of this.

Amazing so it is, to watch him learn how to move properly and wish that adults could learn this quickly.

Back to work...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just some awesome picture of the boy

In his Easter shirt, sitting in one of his favorite spots to NOT lie down, his changing table.

In his TRULY favorite spot, the high chair.

Thanks, Susan for my Charlie stool!!!

Nighty night..........a peaceful sleep.

Down goes bunny, down goes bunny...(or Frazier)

"The look of determination, to destroy the opponent..."

"He grabs the bunny by its head, oh no..."

"He shoves the bunny around into the corner!"

"OH, the bunny goes DOWN with a body slam!"

"And Hurricane Charlie sits over his victim like the mighty mite he is..."

Winner by knockout!!!


Yep, this is later than I'd hoped it would be, but Charlie's first Easter was a blast. Grandma had him a basket waiting on Easter Sunday morn. Complete with bouncing bunny rabbit singing "Peter Cottontail."

Enjoy his shirt...the ladies at daycare made it! It was an awesome thing to do. They are wonderful and we couldn't ask for better caregivers for the lad.

He even got to go to his first high school baseball game, back home watching the ole Mustangs beat some team 10-0. He had fun...hopefully the first of many more ballgames.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

naked boy!!

That's the call in the house right now. As Mom gets Charlie ready for a bath, the ritual is for her to yell "naked boy!" as she runs from the changing table into the bathroom, to drop him in the tub. As she does this, he laughs so much it's unreal. (I'll not post a picture of this though, maybe a video later!)

Lots has been happening. Charlie was 9 months old on April 1st. He can clap, he can pull himself up WELL, and walk around things (including the bench at the gym!) He knows the word 'no,' used appropriately as he gets close to the fireplace. AND he's becoming more mobile in his crawling, as we actually have to watch what he is doing all the time now!

This is his favorite pastime. Mainly going clockwise...if we lived in the Southern hemisphere, would he go the other way???

Grandma and Grandpa Lefler came to visit last weekend. Of course, Charlie enjoys the times when Grandpa makes use of the hammock swing on the front porch.

Here, Charlie didn't know quite what to think of the Frenchman at the Ren Festival last Sunday. Clearly the man was trying to draw attention to his eyelashes by use of the eyeliner...I still think Charlie wins the 'eyelash length' contest.

Charlie is having a laugh with Philip. While in Duke divinity school, Philip was instrumental in my and Katt's marriage, as he was one of the officiants of the ceremony. A good friend, who had not met our son yet...that's how hectic our schedule has been in the last 9 months.
We hope you all are doing well, and having a good time with your families, because "any man that doesn't spend time with his family, can never be a real man..." (Don Corleone)