Saturday, January 31, 2009

that's my boy!! milestones (for us all)

Charlie incredibly has new things to show and tell us every day. New sounds, new moves, new expressions...

He for some reason decided to pull himself up for the first time. He did it quite a few times before we caught it on tape. But we got it none-the-less.

Watching him learn how to move is fascinating. Or learn what fun is! The boy likes to jump. Maybe someday he'll do like I did, and call his Mom up and say "guess what, I just jumped out of a plane..."

Someday lad, someday.

Pre Taxes!!

Charlie knows nothing about tax season; so for him, whether we get a tax cut, tax break, tax overload, tax spending, doesn't matter...just give me my FOOD! Which helps me and his Mom keep things in perspective, when it comes to the economy or politics.

As long as we've got food on the table, a roof over our heads, and Charlie is healthy, everything else is just gravy...or ice cream...or icing...or whiskey...or...........

Charlie likes his Uncle long as Jeremy is awake to hold him!!

Post feed. Sometimes it's playtime after he eats...just so mom and dad can eat too!

Grandma and grandpa giving him a bath...he LOVES the water. Mom and dad can't WAIT to get him in the pool or ocean. That'll be a site!

Speaking of sites, check these guys out---
Some of the videos of babies swimming are out there!

Up next...Grandmum Bonner comes in for a visit this week!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

angels we have heard on high...

"Is this how you do it Dad?"

"Son, just wave your arms..."

"This has been fun, but my bum sure is cold..."


Those of you who don't know, we have not seen an accumulation of snow in the Piedmont of NC since '04. Charlie comes along and brought us luck this winter, and well, 'let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...'

'I' don't know what this white stuff is, but I like it!'

Friday, January 9, 2009


The boy is fit as a fiddle! And finally is growing taller now!!!! He's not so much a "log" as he is now a tree trunk (especially the thighs)!
90% weight---down from 95% (21.5lbs)
70% height---up from 35% (27 in)
90% head---the same (size of melon)

He does have Granda Bonner's head for sure. Hard to find hats to fit Neily, and hard to find tobaggans to fit Charlie's!

Doc says things are great, as he is developing as normal, even slightly ahead (whatever normal is).

The New Year is off with a bang!!!!!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Charlie on the big screen...sort of!

Charlie's first ATV. Thanks to Uncle Jeremy!

The next Steve Irwin--instead of alligators, bears??

The boy loves the water, just like mom and dad!!