Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Katt's 50 mile ride

Well, I posted it on facebook, however:

Katt had decided going through her treatments last year that this July 2010, she would, and always will do, the 24 Hours of Booty Ride for charity (raising money for cancer research). This year was her first time back on the back after a notable two years missing (cancer, birth to Charlie, back surgery).

Her goal was 50 miles. Needless to say, she did that, and more! I couldn't have been more proud of her if I HAD to! She's been through so much. It's time for the luck of the Irish to shine on her, and shine it will, as she makes her own good fortune!

Here is my lovely lady on the bike:

Heading to the 'survivors' line up!

That's her in the blue helmet.

Coming up at the end of lap one...3 miles of 50!

The reading of her computer at the end...let's say she decided to do more than 50!

I'm back!

Ok Ok, so it's been a while. Well I could try to convince you of a long story of tall tales and fairy tales, but I'll resist, telling you that WOW HAS CHARLIE GROWN!! Just look at him:

"Go long!"

How about that follow through!

This is at his Granda Bonner's surprise birthday party in Ireland. Granda was overwhelmed!

This is at the Giant's Causeway. There was a rainbow over it that day, however, Charlie didn't cooperate for picture taking until after it had vanished!

Yeats' grave in Sligo. It's on the way from Katt's sister's home to her parents. We almost always stop off. "Horseman, pass by."

Charlie and two Irish cousins, Thomas and Kelly. When asked who is his best Irish cousin, he says "Cousin Kelly!"

Here he is with Marcy the skelanimal, on the plane. He was fantastic on the plane ride...each of them!

It's been a great few months since I posted last. A trip to Ireland, Katt getting better, Charlie talking, makin' up stories with his toys, lovin' sports and getting outside...and I am just cruising along, wondering where the next business venture takes me. We shall see.

Wherever I go, it will be with her: