Saturday, April 17, 2010

stringing them together!

Leaps and bounds. Charlie already is trying to see how far he can push mama and dada! Just the other night, as he is learning to drink from a regular cup, he starts to walk from the kitchen into the living room. I tell him that he has to stay in the kitchen when drinking from a cup. Well, he, while looking back at me to see what I will do, starts to walk one-step-at-a-time, slowly, to the living room, yet again. After this a couple of times, I threaten timeout...needless to say, timeout was achieved!! He is growing up!

He loves to ride in the trailer behind dada's bike. He looks around, has fun, says as we go down a hill, "down we go!!" I forgot how fun a bike ride could be!!

We hope all of you are doing as well as we are. Life is grand. Each day we try to do something worthwhile...last year reminded us of that.

John, holding the boy like he was his own...I hope Charlie gets to spend a lot of time with him.

Here Charlie is watching his first baseball game with one of our neighborhood kids. The guy's brother was playing, and Charlie could be heard saying, "hit the ball!"

Charlie at his first hockey game...LOTS of firsts in April!! He was enthralled with the "boys playing hockey," as he called it. The Canes won this one!

"Come on dada!" Charlie likes his scooter!

Yep, Charlie is now saying complete sentences. We just came from his first picnic with our friends Donna and Michele, and a bike ride on one of the Raleigh greenway trails, and he tells me as I put him in the car seat, "dada, it's hot in here." Yes it is, son...

Love to all.