Wednesday, November 11, 2009

waving to friends and family!

Hello from the Duke game!!!!


a dook fan lost a bet...

Katt's 9th treatment today

Here are some "bob the builder" inspired pics...he's a natural!

The space invaders still are doing their magic. So far, the trend is that the cancer symptoms are going away, but the chemo side effects are coming full tilt. I guess that is a trade we will make right now.

On to OTHER positive things. The boy is unstoppable. Let's see, he says "a, b ,c"; "grandma"; "paw paw"; he runs to me when I come through the door at night after work (I love that); he can count to 5 (sort of); he says "bath"; and when it's time for bed, all you have to do is say nite-nite to him, and he looks for mom to kiss good that is priceless!

Katt's sister Aisling and her hubby Conor are coming over this Friday and staying next week. We can't wait to have family over. It helps Katt look past the bad weeks, kind of like when I look past UNC losing a game in the 4th quarter...well not quite like that........