Sunday, January 24, 2010

long overdue!

(Above is Charlie, me and Granda Bonner building a split rail fence out back.)

Alright, lots of things have happened over the last 3 weeks:

First, Katt's folks came over and enjoyed a GREAT visit...time with Charlie and Katt and my family, time that I wish could have lasted longer!

Second, Charlie is growing, mentally and physically. He has learned so much. His brain continues to be sponge-like! He has learned to close doors with his bum, climb on stools to get to things he shouldn't, say the mama says "seriously" (among other sayings from other people), learned to climb out of his crib (so we've lowered it and concerted it into a toddler bed), and has begun to know numbers and letters. And there is lots of other things he has learned as well! It is simply awesome (another word he says) to watch and experience.

Third, Katt's chemo is over and she is the middle of radiation. One more week to go, but the side effects are some pain, more importantly though is the soreness in her throat...she says multiply a sore throat by 10, and that's what she feels. But she struggles through, with the grace of Audrey Hepburn.

And finally, we continue to grow as a family doing things that normal families do, and trying NOT to do some things that some families do!

5% of 2010 is gone. So far so good...
Me and Charlie taking a walk. (He loves to ride on dada's back!)

My family...

My Uncle Randy, Charlie, and my dad out back by the fire pit...while I cook some steaks!

Our friend Rick, teaching Charlie who knows what!!!