Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Katt's cruisin'!

That was me in 2006 Booty Ride...

Here were friends Gil and his son Henry, helping Katt cheer on the Booty riders a couple years ago.

Just an item of note to update all with my lovely wife Katt. She had her second round of chemo last week, and things are going alright this time around. There are waves of fatigue, pain, stomach upset, and mouth soreness, but overall she's not bed ridden. Actually, we were able to take an impromptu trip to Asheville this past weekend. Thurs night we just decided to go.

On the way we stopped off in Charlotte at the "24 hours of Booty" event...the only official 24 cycling event for the Lance Armstrong foundation. Friends of ours there were "krankin' for Katt" were there riding for those who couldn't ride...my wife being one. It was fun, and Katt and I have had fun in the past riding it. We have promised each other that it is one ride we will do every year we can.

I'll have more pics up later, but here is one for now. Heading down that lonesome road Hwy 12...

(yes we normally wear our helmets, but this was less than a mile on the road ;-) )

Love to all!

Friday, July 17, 2009

More pictures from recent events...

The boy just keeps going and going. He had his first 'fit' the other day at the park, when he didn't want to get off the swing...he was enjoying it, to say the least!

Below he is playing int he sand with a godson, Peyton...wh thankfully didn't teach Charlie how to pee at the beach in front of everyone!

Holding Charlie is David West. I've seen him the last 3 off seasons train hard enough to get better each 3 seasons. He helped New Orleans get into the playoffs by taking some heat off of Chris Paul.

His first wagon!!

Katt is doing well. Yesterday she had her best day yet after her first chemo treatment. Seond treatment is next Wed.

Oh, and her brother Niall is in Key West...making stories to tell his lads back in Ireland!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The battle starts

Katt's chemo started yesterday. It's amazing what medicine has done in recent years. They've dialed the treatments in so well, she MAY not lose her hair due to the chemo. She MAY not get so sick that she feels like she was hit by a truck. Time will tell.

But she is a fighter, and we have a great team on our side. Doctors, family, and friends. Seems it's a small world...the doc I used to slink drinks to while I was bartending years ago. She also has a new baby, and like the same type of music that we do. Other acquaintances who we haven't seen in many years, are suddenly popping up. Seems like this was meant to be somehow. Anyway...

Katt's in good spirits, as is Charlie. And I am just here trying to help the best I can.
Here's to my lovely lady!

First Birthday, First beach trip...

Lots of firsts for sure. The beach trip was a perfect timing...a getaway that Katt, and I, needed before her chemo treatments started. (Of which they started yesterday, Wed the 8th--more on that later.)

Charlie has begun to walk. Not much, but a few steps just the same. Watch out world...the boy is about to take off! He also was taught how to watch birds by his uncle Niall (his uncle Jeremy called it watching the girls, guess it depends on the country!!)

We all had a blast watching Charlie begin his beach bum life. If he is like his Mom and Pop, he'll enjoy a salt air therapy getaway once in a while.
Here's the boy!