Monday, December 29, 2008

post Christmas...and there's New Year's to go?

There's a pattern of sleep...I still need to catch up. But funny how everyone seems to like to fall asleep with Charlie in their arms. I think it's just an excuse.

Of course, this could be why some extra sleep is needed! That's me, my pop, and bro in law Niall. Christmas on my mom's side of the fam tends to be robust, or boisterous, take your pick. We've been doing an oyster roast, or fish fry since '88. Not your typical Christmas day flare, but we love it. Followed of course by the yearly showing of "Christmas Vacation."
" year she hopes to be barking for the yak woman..."
I posted this one above, because of how he likes to pull things over his head to sleep. Kind of interesting in how I like to do the same thing...Katt calls it "camping."

That is, WHEN I have something to pull over my head. But here Charlie is with me, in the hammock, on Dec 28th, in 70 degrees. What a day!

The first Christmas for Charlie Byron Lefler was all I hoped for. Lots of family, lots of good times, and leaving all the problems of the world alone for a while. Isn't that part of what Christmas is about?
I hope yours was as delightful as mine. See you in the New Year...

Christmas at Charlie's

Sounds like a great place to hang out...Charlie's. Well, pictures speak louder than words, so here:

"Mom is this how you drive?"

"Grandma, I wanna play with the train!!"

"I don't think this stocking is gonna fit, Santa..."

"Can I have more paper to play with?"

Charlie had fun, and so did we! The parents couldn't have had a better Christmas!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here comes younger brother Niall...

and his girlfriend Lisa!
I think they saw just how hard a job it is to take care of an almost 6 month old baby! However, they got to see the fun parts--and they GREATLY outweigh the small problems that arise...

And yes, we did go out to watch the Heels lose a close one to a pre season top 10 team. But boy did they BLOW IT! Charlie didn't care though...he was just having fun taking it all in...even when dad got upset and yelled at the tv.

First, the O'Neills came to visit!

Katt's sister Aisling, her hubby Connor, and their 5 yr old girl Kelly came over from Westport, County Mayo. Their stay was filled with the sights and sounds of things to come for Charlie when he is 5!

Here is his first ever picture with Santa!
Aisling and Kelly, "cheesing" for the camera.
WOW! Another picture with Kelly, this time with dad Connor in there as well.
Needless to say we had a blast. Seeing Katt's family is always fun, and we wish we had more time with them.
But wait, there is more Irish contingent foming in!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Here comes Santa Claus, Here Comes...

"So, Pop, is this the meaning of life?"

"While you contemplate, I'll just hang out in my favorite chair and wait for Santa."

"I thought you said he would come down the chimney!!"

"I hope Santa likes my reindeer butt."


You sing it loud Charlie...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Christmas, Christmas time is here..."

Sitting up more and more each week. Of course, he'll sit up for a couple of minutes, then decide to face-plant onto the floor. Getting used to falling down...but at this point, he can't 'get back up again.' Think turtle.

The Chipmunks' Christmas song comes to mind..........
Santa who?


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yep, Charlie is getting BIGGER...

but he remains a happy kid! I can only hope he is this happy most of his life.

"Why does Uncle Jeremy like to use me as a barbell?"

"I'll just wait here until the game comes on! GO HEELS!"

"Thanks for picking me up Michele!! You are just plain sweet!"

"Dad, stop taking pictures...can"t you see Aunt Karen is tired?"

"well, maybe I am too, Dad..."

Christmas season is upon us. Good luck to all!