Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Charlie and Maggie (and a good lookin' mom)

Wow! Now, does that look like a woman who just gave birth?? She may feel like she did, but my lovely wife is just as beautiful as the day I met her. She now has a handsome son as well!

That's him above with Maggie, his 4 month old second cousin. We had to laugh when we found out my cousin Courtney was going to name her daughter Maggie. Katt and I had already decided on the name Charlie, for her departed grandfather. Of course, you guessed it, his wife (Katt's 99 year old grandmother) is named Maggie.
Charlie (on the left) and Maggie, together again (apparently hungry).

We are getting ready for our first beach trip...Charlie can't wait!!!
Oak Island, here we come!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

guard that kid!!

Whiskey has turned into a good guard-cat. Seems he likes Charlie, for now!! We'll see how it goes when Charlie gets to runnin' after his tail!
Ace, just thinks he's a dog--still. He's a bit jealous, but not aggressive, so we feel safe with the cats around.

Mr Boswell shown with Katt and Charlie was HAPPY to see us--well Charlie at least. Seems that's the way it goes these days. "Look at the baby...look at little Charlie. OH, hey Chad and Katt" (as an afterthought)

That's alright though. He's as precious as they come and we are showing him off as much as we can. We are heading back to Rockwell this weekend to show him off to all our family back home who have been so nice to us.

Back to Charlie...he's WIDE AWAKE!

Friday, July 11, 2008

week one and two

Week one is gone, and he turned 18 today (well, that's what it feels like!!)

Time flies. I took a week off, and it flew by...I think I was having separation anxiety. How will it be when he goes to daycare, school, or an overnight stay?? I better get a grip, huh?

I can't say enough about our friends, neighbors, and family who have offered their support and help. Charlie will grow up with lots of folks looking out for his best interests!

He is good, Mom is getting better daily...but she knows now why they told her it would be a 6- week recovery. But Grandma is with us this week, helping us ease into this parenthood thing!

Family is great!

I'm on the front porch swing with Charlie,
Katt holding Charlie in bed,
and grandma Lefler post feeding!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

homeward bound

After a few days of relentless tests, some wonderful nurses--some not so much--and some experiences that have taught us much of ourselves and how great life, friends, and family can be, we are home.

Notice the "headed home" outfit.
Notice the tired but ecstatic faces.
Notice the sleeping taking place already with Grandad Lefler...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Charlie Byron Lefler


July 1st at 6:25 pm. 6lb 9oz. A wonderful little boy!

After 17 hours of tumultuous labor, Katt had pushed with valor, but little Charlie just would not move into a good position for birth, so we unwantingly opted for the c-section, which was believe it or not, a less problematic choice than a vacuum (plunger).

SO, with a tired mom, and tired dad, and tired Charlie, I write to say this has been an incredible journey. With a finish that was the absolute toughest thing I've ever seen. My wife is my inspiration. No mountain I could EVER climb on my bike, will be as intense as the 17 hours of labor that Katt endured. Charlie's got a great mom.

Welcome, Charlie.