Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too many things to talk about:

1. Katt's one year anniversary of cancer diagnosis has come and gone. What a year it was.
2. Katt has been back on the bike, training for her goal of 50 miles at the end of the month.
3. Charlie continues to inspire. His 2nd birthday was this month, and he continues to grow and learn. His imagination is starting to come out! Naming all the little figures on a train set, naming the man in the bulldozer, the woman in the helicopter...not to mention telling stories about where he has been...wow.
4. He dreams! Sometimes he wakes up, and upon waking he strings things together such as "car wash, horses, and bike shop." Interesting to try to put those together!!
5. Charlie now knows to say "hit the ball" and "strike one!"
6. He also knows to look for Lancearmstrong (he puts both names together) while watching le Tour...some tough luck this year for Lance.
7. The way he looks and runs to Mama...just give me a tissue now.
8. The way he looks and runs to me coming home from work at night...can I have another tissue?
9. The Irish contingent (or invasion) comes over starting tomorrow with Niall and lady friend Rosie. Should be a blast with uncle Niall.
10. Grandma and Pawpaw I think would keep Charlie for weeks, if we would let them! Such a good thing to have grandparents willing to keep him (and wanting to!!)

Love to all! (pics to come later!)


Karen said...

Thanks for the updates...love reading about you, Katt and Charlie.

Steve Joyce said...

Sounds like life is treating you well, and keeping you busy. Glad Katt is doing so much better.

Now you just need to find a new cyclist for Charlie to cheer for. Levi just doesn't seem to have the personality.