Sunday, May 2, 2010

baseball time!

Charlie had his first "train" ride this past month. Behind us are friends Walter and Stacey (who Charlie took to at once!) They live near Atlanta, and on a rainy Saturday, we decided to do something to the Marta we went! Of course, the boy loved it!

"Mr Fireman, can I get on the truck?" Of course he let Charlie hop on...and we almost couldn't get him out! What's funny is, we pass this station almost daily, and Charlie always looks for them as we pass. They were at a festival in a North Raleigh community and he finally got to see them up close!!

Yep, that's Susan and Benjamin, trying to kidnap our boy!! They were kind enough to take us to dinner at our favorite Irish pub...only as a rouse to take the boy! He always has fun with these two friends!

We hire him out once in a while to do special yard work if you need his services...

We just might have a natural on our hands! Yep, Pawpaw taught the boy how to swing a bat...and he is pretty good! Watch out Yankees!

We can't hold him back, he just keeps on going and going...and we wouldn't have it any other way! Katt is doing better, as the side effects of all her treatments are subsiding and she is starting to ride her bike again. The happiness if great to see!

Love to all!

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